Nilagang Baka $14.99

beef cubes simmered until tender w/ cabbage, string beans & potatoes

Beef Bulalo $15.99

beef shank simmered until tender w/ cabbage, string beans, potatoes & corn


Simmered w/ sour broth and veggies

​Beef, milkfish, shrimp                   $14.99

Pork                                                  $14.99

vegetables                                       $11.99

Tinolang Manok

chicken soup simmered in bokchoy, chayote & ginger



fresh egg noodles, chicken, shrimp & fish balls simmered in chicken broth w/ veggies & egg


Sinigang Salmon belly

salmon head simmered in sour broth and miso paste w/ veggies



pork intestine and sweet rice simmered in ginger


Chicken Arrozcaldo

chicken and sweet rice simmered in ginger



Garlic Rice

​White rice stir fried w/ garlic. topped w/ fried garlic


Binagoongan Fried Rice

Stir fried rice w/ chopped fried pork belly& shrimp paste w/ mangoes and tomatoes


House Specials Fried rice

Stir fried rice w/ sweet longanisa(sausage), chicken, shrimp & veggies mixed in egg


Adobo Fried Rice

Stir fried rice w/ chicken or pork adobo


Shimp Fried rice

stir fried rice in shrimp, eggs & veggies



Sizzling Mixed Seafood

mussels, shrimp, squid and veggies sauteed in oyster sauce on a sizzling plate


Fried Daing Bangus

marinated boneless & butterfly deep fried milkfish


Sizzling Bangus Sisig

boneless  deep fried milkfish, shredded and mixed in bell pepper, onion & ginger served on a sizzling plate


Grilled Bangus

grilled boneless bangus stuffed w/ onion & tomatoes



grilled fresh squid stuffed w/ onion, tomatoes & ginger


Fried or Grilled Tilapia


Sweet & Sour fish Fillet

battered swai fish fillet, deep fried and mixed in sauteed veggies w/ homemade sweet & sour sauce


Pinaputok N Pampano

stuffed and steam w/ tomatoes, onion & ginger


​Pinangat N Pampano

simmered in sour broth w/ veggies and ginger


Fried or Grilled Pampano


Pinaputok N Tilapia

stuffed & steam w/ tomatoes, onion & ginger



mix veggies sauteed in shrimp paste w/ 

                1/2 daing Bangus          $15.99

Whole Pampano Or Fried Tilapia    $17.99

Adobong Pusit

fresh squid simmered in soy sauce, spice & vinegar


Pinaksiw N Bangus

Deboned milkfish simmered in vinegar, eggplant, bitter melon & ginger


Bistek Bangus

Fried milkfish cook in soy sauce & lemon w/ onion


Sizzling Bangus Sisig

Fried Milk fish shredd & mixed w/ bell pepper, onion, ginger & seasoned         $16.99 


Pancit bihon/Canton

Stir fried rice & egg noodles sauteed in chicken, shrimp & veggies


Canton Bihon
Stir fried egg and rice noodles sauteed in chicken, shrimp & veggies



Stir fried rice and fresh egg noodles sauteed in chicken, shrimp & veggies


Pancit Palabok/Malabon

noodles w/ shrimp sauce, shrimp, pork cracklings topped w/ sliced egg & fried garlic


Sweet Spaghetti

Sweet filipino spaghetti sauce sauteed in ground beef. topped w/ cheese



Kalderetang Kambing      $15.99

Goat meat simmered in tomato sauce and peanut butter w/ bell pepper, seasoning and spice.

PATA TIM      $23.99

Pork trotters and knuckles simmered until tender in star anise, seasoning & spice. garnish w/ carrots & bochoy.


Halo-Halo         $8.99

Buko Pandan            $6.99

Turon special w/ ice cream $6.99

Mais con Yelo       $5.99

2 scoop Ice cream            $3.99

Trio Ice cream              $5.99

Bilo-Bilo                   $8.99

Jen's delight                $8.99


Hot Coffee                        $2.50

Ice coffee                             $3.50

Soda in can                         $1.75

Mango Juice                         $3.99

Melon De luxe                             4.99

Hot Organic Tea                    2.50

Calamansi juice                        $3.99

Fresh melon juice                    3.99

Buko Pandan                          $4.99

Sagu Gulaman                         $4.99


            OKOY (3 PCS )

deep fried shrimp & mixed vegetables

w/ vinaigrette                       $10.99

Fried Vegetable Lumpia

Deep fried vegetable spring roll

w/ sweet & sour sauce       $8.99

Lumpiang Shanghai

Deep fried pork & peas eggroll served w/ sweet & sour sauce



Deep fried  fresh squid in tempura batter served w/ special dipping sauce             $10.99

Fish Balls

Deep fried fish ball served w/ sweet & sour sauce


Crispy chicken Skin

Marinated and deep fried chicken skin served w/ vinaigrette


Fresh Lumpia

Fresh mixed vegetables wrap in homemade egg wrapper w/ peanut sauce         $7.99

Chicharon bulaklak

deep fried pork intestines w/ special dipping sauce


Shrimp Tempura (10pcs)

lightly battered w/ tempura mix & deep fried


Combo Special ( 11am-4pm, Mon-Fri only)

choice of 2 items w/ rice( pork/chicken/beef +$1.00/seafood


Beef Caldereta                  Bistek                   Chicken adobo

Lechon kawali              Dinuguan                   Pork Adobo

1/4 fried daing bangus                Kare-kare               Menudo

Lechon Paksiw                    1(skewer) pork/ chicken BBQ

Chicken adobo

Plate Specials

comes w/ rice                 $11.99

  • 3 pcs pork/chicken BBQ skewer
  • Pork Tonkatsu( lightly battered Fried pork belly)
  • 1/2 crispy fried chicken

All Day Silog

comes w/ 2 eggs, garlic rice 


Tapsilog                      Longsilog

1/2 ​Bangsilog                         Tosilog


Chicken Afritada

Chicken leg meat sauteed in tomato sauces w/ potatoes, green/red bell pepper, and green beans


Chicken Curry

Chicken leg meat sauteed in curry powder, chili & coconut milk w/ potatoes and bell pepper


Chicken Adobo

boneless chicken meat simmered in vinegar, soy sauce and garlic. topped w/ fried garlic


Mang Felix Chicken

Whole marinated chicken deep fried to perfection


Pan Fried Chicken(miso/teriyaki sauce)

pan fried boneless chicken thigh in miso/teriyaki sauce w/ bokchoy             $11.99

Grilled Chicken

marinated boneless chicken thigh grilled to perfection w/ BBQ sauce



Sizzling bistek

thinly sliced beef cooked in soy sauce & lemon juice topped w/ fried onion on a sizzling platter


Oxtail Kare-kare

Beef oxtail and tripe simmered in peanut sauce w/ veggies & shrimp paste on the side             $16.99

Beef Caldereta

beef cubes simmered in spice and tomato sauce w/ potatoes & bell pepper


Beef Papaitan

Beef liver & tripe simmered in lemon juice, ginger and vile



Binagoongan Crispy pata w/ eggplant

deep fried pork trotters & knuckles w/ fried eggplant. garnish w/ sauteed shrimp paste                $23.99

Crispy Pata

deep fried pork trotters & knuckles w/ vinaigrette sauce


Lechon Paksiw

crispy fried pork belly simmered in vinegar and brown sauce


Lechon Kawali

deep fried pork belly w/ brown sauce on the side


Pork Adobo

Pork cubes simmered in spices, soy sauce, vinegar and garlic. topped w/ fried garlic                  $12.99


pork cubes simmered in pork blood & vinegar topped w/ slice jalapeno


Crispy Pork Binagoongan w/ eggplant

fried pork belly sauteed in shrimp paste topped w/ fried eggplant


Sizzling Pork Sisig

grilled pork mask and deep fried pork belly sauteed w/ onion, bell pepper and jalapeno


Inihaw N Baboy

grilled marinated pork belly w/ special dipping sauce


Pork BBQ skewer

​grilled marinated pork skewer w/ special sauce


Pork Tonkatsu

Lightly battered and deep fried pork belly



grilled pork mask and fried pork belly sauteed in onion, bell pepper, & jalapeno w/ mayonnaise


Bicol Express

sauteed pork belly, shrimp in coconut milk and spice(mild or Spicy


Sizzling Bopis

Sauteed pork heart, liver & stomachw/ bell pepper, garlic & tomato


Pork Afritada

Pork belly sauteed in tomato sauce w/ potato, bell pepper,and green peas


Tokwa't Baboy

Pork belly & fried tufo w/ diced tomato and onion